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Click Here? Increase responses with a better call to action

It might seem obvious, but the reason you are sending an email to a customer in the first place is because you want them to do something like call you or go to your site. Email marketing is most effective when it is targeted and relevant to the reader, but even the best looking email at the right time and with a great offer won’t be effective if the reader doesn’t know what to do with it.

A huge amount of research has been done on working out what the most effective call to action looks like but the truth is it will depend on what you are saying and what you are asking the reader to do, but there are some universal truths you should apply.

Be specific

Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do with what they have read. ‘Call us now to get a quote’ or ‘Start your survey by clicking here >>’ both tell the reader exactly how to respond to the email.

It is worth thinking about where you want to direct responders to before you start. E.g. if the offer is only available on the website, then make sure that there is a link to the page they need with the offer.

Make it simple

Your reader may only focus on your email for a matter of seconds before deciding what to do about it. Nothing is worse than seeing a great offer and then not being able to figure out how to get it. However you want the reader to respond, make it obvious – make sure there is a link next to the offer so the reader doesn’t have to scroll down to find it.

Ideally build a link into your text, with TailorMail you can do this easily by clicking on the functions icon for the header or by ‘insert’ and then selecting the type of link you want to add. Also, make the link user friendly e.g. saying ‘see our blog‘ rather ‘visit

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”Adding links to TailorMail” title=”Adding links to TailorMail”][/image_frame]

Using buttons

Buttons can be very effective tools to improve response. If done right, they are eye catching and easy to understand. Effective buttons are usually…

  • Brightly coloured, oranges and reds are traditionally the best colours
  • Brief, keep the text in the button as short as possible
  • Add arrows ‘>>’ to the button to improve click through. Sounds simple but it works.

Buttons are effectively just pictures, so if you are using a TailorMail template you can simply insert the button where the picture would go and add a link in the normal way.

Test, test, test

Testing may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Try using the A/B test function on TailorMail to see what links or calls to action work best for your emails. Even small changes such as changing a button from ‘Read more’ to ‘Apply now’ can have a massive difference on overall response.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”AB testing in TailorMail” title=”AB testing in TailorMail”][/image_frame]

Review it

Finally, use the reporting tools to understand which links and calls to action were the most effective. Try looking at the Link Activity & Overlay report to see what links readers clicked on most. You can access this report through the reports screen by clicking on ‘Link Activity & Overlay’ on the right hand side.

As always with email – quality will almost always beat quantity, so spend a bit of time early on planning how to get your readers to respond and then keep reviewing it.

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